Conducting post-customs control consists in checking the information specified in the customs declaration and submitted documents.

The main areas of post-customs control are: control over the correctness of the determination of the tax base, control over the correctness of the classification of goods according to the Ukrainian Classifier of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity (UKT ZED), control by determining the country of origin of goods etc.

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Since the beginning of the full-scale russian military invasion, the geography of Ukrainian flour export has changed significantly. Export to the EU exceeded 50% of the total volume of Ukrainian flour sold.

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The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, together with the State Customs Service, developed a new mechanism for the import of fertilizers into Ukraine, which became valid this week.

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Last December, the volume of Ukrainian IT export amounted to 611 million US dollars, which is 47 million US dollars more than in November, and 82 million US dollars more than in October 2023.

If compared with December 2022, when the export of IT services amounted to 751 million US dollars, the December volume in 2023 reduced by 140 million US dollars or by 18,6%.

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In 2023, the share of agri-food products in the total export of Ukraine increased to 62% compared to 53% in 2022. A characteristic feature of the past year for the domestic agrarian sector of the economy was the slowdown in the rate of reduce in foreign trade turnover.

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On January 31, the European Commission proposed to extend the suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian export to the EU for another year, while simultaneously enhancing the protection of sensitive EU agricultural products.

The EC considers the continuation of the liberal regime of trade relations an obligation to support Ukraine in times of a full-scale war.

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In January 2024 Ukraine managed to export 7,7 million tons of agricultural products, which is 0,3% lower than the previous month.

However, not all food products managed to physically cross the border and are waiting in queues for departure. As for the structure of export in January 2024, it looked like this:

grain crops: 5,3 million tons (corn - 63%, wheat - 30%, barley - 6%). Reduce to last month's indicator: -1%;

oil crops - 765,0 thousand tons (rape - 52%, soybeans - 40% and sunflower... Read More

In 2023, Ukraine has imported tractors worth 830,7 million US dollars  – 4,3% more than the previous year.

Most of the machinery was imported from Germany (17,3%), Poland (15,6%) and the Netherlands (12,7%).

The export of tractors in 2023 was 5,7 million US dollars, which is 18,6% less than the year before.

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During 2023, Ukrainian Railways transported 30,58 million tons of grain cargoes, which is 1,7 million tons more than the volume of transportation in the previous year. Last year, 22,73 million tons were transported in export traffic. This is 178 000 tons more than in 2022. Among them:

14,3 million tons (-4,9%) were transported to ports;

to the western border crossings — 8,4 million tons (+12,2%).

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Great Britain is helping to protect Ukraine's long-term future. British International Investment is investing 25 million US dollars to unblock Ukrainian export and import, including vital food supplies. British International Investment is a British development finance institution and influential investor supported by the UK government.

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