The USAID program "Competitive Economy of Ukraine" announces a grant program for the creation and support of the activities of associations of enterprises in export alliances with a total financing of  1,5 million US dollars.

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During January - April 2023, Ukraine has exported goods worth 13,3 billion US dollars, including in April - almost 3,04 billion US dollars. According to published data, since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian manufacturers exported products worth 13,334 billion US dollars, including in April - 3,036 billion US dollars. Compared to last year's figure, the volume of export fell to 20%.

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In September-April 2022/23 marketing year, 3,8 million tons of sunflower oil were exported from Ukraine, which is 12% higher than the same indicator of the previous marketing year. By the end of the current oil season (May-August), Ukraine can export another 0,8 million tons of this product.

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Less than a week after the launch of the electronic queue, the service is working at all 16 international road checkpoints. In total, more than 12 000 trucks are waiting to cross the border in the online queue.

As of the morning of May 15, the biggest electronic queue was on the "Rava-Ruska - Khrebenne" highway - more than 2 800 trucks. More than 2 000 vehicles are waiting online to cross the border through the checkpoints "Krakivets - Korchova"... Read More

As a result of negotiations with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, the head of the Lublin Voivodeship, it was possible to unblock traffic at the checkpoint "Yagodyn - Dorogusk". Since May 15, the traffic of trucks has been renewed in normal way.

Additionally: from the morning of May 4, the Polish side suspended registration of trucks for arrival and departure. Only vehicles carrying humanitarian aid, dangerous goods and... Read More

In the 1st quarter of 2023, the export of goods amounted to 10 305,5 million US dollars, or 73,9% in accordance with the same period last year, import - 15 699,4 million US dollars, or 110,9%. The negative balance amounted to 5 393,9 million US dollars. The export-import coverage ratio was 0,66 (0,99 in the 1st quarter of 2022), and foreign trade operations were conducted with partners from 212 countries.

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In total, from the start of the exporter support program until May 1, 2023, 67 credits were issued for a total amount of 385,4 million UAH. The total amount of supported export for all ECA products is 3,891 billion UAH, of which 109,185 million UAH are exports whose contracts were insured by ECA.

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According to the State Customs Service, as of May 15, since the beginning of 2022/23 marketing year, Ukraine has exported 43,598 million tons of grain and leguminous crops, of which 1,712 million tons in May. As of May 16 last year, the indicated figure was 46,337 million tons, of which 468 thousand tons were shipped in April.

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Export of dairy products from Ukraine in April amounted to 6,55 thousand tons, which is 27% less than in March.

Volumes reduced in almost all categories:

milk and cream, non-condensed — 1,66 thousand tons, -33% compared to March;

condensed milk and cream — 988 tons, -40%;

buttermilk, coagulated milk and cream, yogurt, kefir — 200 tons, -17... Read More

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the resolution "On Amendments to Appendix 5 to Resolution No. 1466 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 27, 2022" (No. 472).

The document cancels export licensing for a number of goods in 2023. In particular, live cattle, frozen meat of cattle, meat of domestic chickens, meat and edible meat offal, salted or in brine, dried or smoked, edible flour from meat or meat offal, beef, veal, eggs of... Read More