Ukraine is not going to restrict its agroexports during the quarantine

Taras Kachka, the Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture and the trade representative of Ukraine during an online-conference of UCAB (Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business) has reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will not restrict exports of cereal crops, sunflower oil, poultry meat and some other goods, in exports of which Ukraine is the leader, during the quarantine.  

He added that in his speech on March 16, the President of Ukraine had mentioned that it was necessary to ban exports of basic goods, but that thesis was humanitarian and concerned the availability of basic products in Ukrainian supermarket.

At the same time Kachka emphasized that the problem of availability of these products in the internal market the Ministry had solved through the dialogue with the producers and retailers. He added that, on the contrary, the main producers were ready to increase products deliveries to the places of sale in order to avoid any shortage. On the other hand, according to the analysis of the products the shortage of which can happen in the domestic market, they are bread, buckwheat and salo (cured pork fat). These products are usually not exported so, there is no need to ban their exports.

Reference source: UNIAN


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