The Embassy of Ukraine in the People’s Republic of China initiates the creation of a permanent Ukrainian National Pavilion on the online platform “JD”

The Embassy of Ukraine in the People’s Republic of China has established contacts with one of the world's largest online platforms “JD” (, Jingdong Mall), whose main activity is Internet commerce and e-commerce. The company is also one of the largest platforms in the Chinese segment of the Internet on the B2C model. It ranks third among the largest global Internet companies in terms of transactions, second after Amazon and Alphabet. The number of active customers using the company's services exceeds 440 million (more detailed information on JD's activities is provided in the appendix).

As a result of the negotiations, there was an agreement on the establishment of a permanent Ukrainian National Pavilion. In the Embassy’s mind, ​​the operation of such a pavilion will expand the presence of domestic exporters in the Chinese market and present the export potential of Ukraine. The main advantages of creating the National Pavilion are:

  • the possibility for exporters to send their goods in one common container;
  • simplified customs procedures;
  • the presence of additional competitive advantages (when buying one product, the customer also views other products presented in the pavilion);
  • opportunity to demonstrate the tourist potential of the country.

According to information received from JD staff, the cost of using the online platform for the National Pavilion will be only 1 000 US dollars a year. For each unit of goods sold to a Chinese company, one must pay a commission of 2% to 8% of its actual value, which also includes advertising on the Chinese Internet environment.

In addition, there is a guarantee fee (unique for the entire National Pavilion, which depends on the type of goods sold), which is a guarantee of the quality of goods and is returned in case of closure of the pavilion. Such conditions allow Ukrainian exporters (if they act as a single pool) to enter the local market and expand their own export opportunities for relatively small investment.

We ask you to inform the Department of regional development of Cherkasy regional state administration about the interest of Ukrainian exporters in forming a single pool to open a National Pavilion on the Chinese online platform “JD”. Contact person: Iryna Kornienko (096) 833 42 21,







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