The story of success of the group of the companies «Kontinent»

In 2015 the group of the companies «Kontinent» resumed its production in Smela, Cherkasy region.

History of «Kontinent-group» begins in 1997 from the company of PVC windows production. At the moment, the group the of companies «Kontinent» includes:

  • Factory for production of windows, doors, sliding constructions made of PVC and aluminum, with its own production of glass units.
  •  Factory for extrusion of profiles, panels and window sills made of PVC, with a section of lamination and flex printing
  • Factory for the production of aluminum alloy profiles with a melting complex and painting shop.
  • Shop floor for decorative ceramics.
  • Shop floor for furniture production from techno-tangue.
  • Wood processing and furniture manufacturing department.
  •  Laboratory for quality control.
  • Design and technological departments.

«Kontinent Group» has 6 Trademarks:

TM «Continent-windows»  - is a factory for production of PVC windows, doors and constructions of non-standard format. This is enterprise with serious capacities, modern extrusion equipment allows not only to satisfy high requirements to quality and quantity of products, but also to surpass them. Wide possibilities of production, engineering and technical developments and range of materials of the plant allows not only to export products to European countries, but also to compete equally with European companies..

TM «Framex»  is a profile system of  PVC and aluminum of several series that allow you to solve issue of glazing of your house or apartment in a complex way: the balcony, terraces, windows and doors with opening of all types and various forms, sliding constructions and facades.

TM «Decomax»  - is a producerof  PVC  panels for walls and ceilings. Distinctive features of TM «Decomax»  are: quality raw materials, strict quality control of products at all stages of production, stiffness of the design, which makes them more durable and, accordingly, more durable, a wide range.

TM «BiLand»  - is a producer of elements and development of solutions for city improvement. Children's play and sports complexes, playgrounds, children's swings, gymnastic complexes and elements of accomplishment;

ТМ «Eterna-ceramics»  - is the largest distributor of ceramic vases, figurines, candle sticks, fruit platter, lamps, bathroom sets, decor elements;

TM «Komforta»  - is a producer and sale of wholesale and retail of weaving furniture made of synthetic rattan.