V. Zelensky has ordered to create a National Investment Fund

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the creation of a National Investment Fund. The decision was made to create favorable conditions for the implementation of a large-scale investment projects and the development of international economic cooperation.

The corresponding document is published on the President's website.

In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers has to take measures to establish a National investment fund and regulate its activities. The government must determine the activities of the fund, its governing bodies and their powers, the order of formation of share capital, sources of formation of the fund, the use of profits and so on.

It should be mentioned that earlier the law on “investment nannies” came into force in Ukraine. The document guarantees support to Ukrainian and foreign investors whose investment exceeds 20 million Euros and who create at least 80 jobs with an average salary of 15% more than in the region where such an investment will be made.

In addition, Ukraine has exempted from import duties equipment for large investment projects.


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