Ukraine's turnover reduced to 30% this year

In January-February 2023, Ukraine's trade turnover amounted to 16,6 billion US dollars, which is 30% less than in the same period of 2022.

During January-February this year, Ukraine imported goods for 10,1 billion US dollars, and exported them for 6,5 billion US dollars. Taxed import amounted to 8,1 billion US dollars, which is 80% of the total volume of imported goods.

The tax bearing on 1 kg of taxed imports for the specified period amounted to 0,44 dollars/kg, which is 53% more than in January-February 2022.

In January-February 2023, the most imported goods to Ukraine were: from China — 1,7 billion US dollars, Poland — 1 billion US dollars, and Turkey — 760 million US dollars.

In two months this year, goods from Ukraine were exported the most to: Poland — for 953 million US dollars, Romania — 609 million US dollars, and China — 605 million US dollars.

Of the total volume of imported goods, 71% was machinery, equipment and transport — imported for 2,9 billion US dollars (17,6 billion UAH was paid to the budget, or 27% of the income of customs payments), fuel and energy goods — for 2,6 billion US dollars (16,2 billion UAH was paid, or 25%), products of chemical industry — 1,7 billion US dollars  (11,5 billion UAH was paid, or 18%).

Foodstuffs (4,3 billion US dollars), metals and their products (568 million US dollars), machines, equipment and transport (521 million US dollars) were in the 3rd place in terms of export volumes.

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