In Ukraine the sale of land plots through electronic auctions has been introduced

On May 18, 2021 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported in the second reading and in general the bill № 2195, which introduces the mandatory sale of state and municipal land plots or rights to them through electronic auctions. 272 people’s deputies voted for this decision.

,,This legislative initiative is an important step in the land reform, as it ensures the transparent sale of land plots through electronic auctions. Therefore, every Ukrainian will have the opportunity to participate in the auction and buy land plots to start their own farmhold. Land auctions will be conducted in a single electronic trading system in real time through the Internet,” - commented the Minister of Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Ihor Petrashko.

Based on the results of the auction, a contract of sale, lease, superficies, emphyteusis of the land plot will be concluded with the winner of the land auction, who offered the highest price for the land plot.

The main innovations of the bill:

  • obligatory sale of land plots of state and municipal property or rights to them (lease, superficies, emphyteusis) through electronic auctions;
  • publication of all documents related to auctions and land plots in the electronic trading system in real time via the Internet, which is publicly available and open and provides increased efficiency in the organization and conduct of land auctions;
  • transparent and efficient disposal of state and municipal lands.

The implementation of the bill will improve the mechanisms and procedures for the sale and transfer of state and communal lands, accelerate the sale of land plots, increase the economic efficiency of such auctions, which will increase revenues to state and local budgets.


Reference source: Кабінет Міністрів України


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