Ukraine has opened 8 new export markets in half an hour

8 new markets were opened for Ukrainian exporters in half an hour and 63 product items were reagreed upon in 11 countries and international economic organizations. This was informed by the Head of the State Food and Consumer Service Vladislava Magaletska, talking about the results of work during the last six months.

,,One of the priorities for us is to open new export markets of Ukrainian products. As this is new working places for Ukrainians and revenues to the State Budget of Ukraine from paying taxes,” said Vladyslava Magaletska.

In half an hour the markets of Japan, Libya, Argentina and Lebanon were opened to Ukrainian producers of milk and dairy products. Ethiopia has become open to Ukrainian producers of eggs, Serbia -  to Ukrainian animal protein, and the UAE  - to cattle. Arachnids can now be exported to Lithuania for plant protection purposes (these are entomophagous insects that consume or parasitize on plant pests and they are used to protect crops).

Besides this, 63 product items were reagreed upon in 11 countries and international economic organizations.

It is referred to the CIS countries, first of all, with which new trade rules are valid since April 13, 2021 because the Agreement on Cooperation in the Veterinary Field has been expired, which was signed in 1993. Also the documents with Singapore and South Korea have also been reagreed upon due to changes in trade conditions.

Also an audit of the European Commission was carried out to assess the official control over the production and certification of milk and dairy products intended for export to the European Union. There were also measures taken for the European Union to recognize zoning of Ukraine for highly pathogenic poultry influenza, thanks to which it was possible to restart export of poultry products to the EU  since March 20.

We are going to open markets on all continents of the world. Among the most promising countries for exporters are the EU countries, China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, South Africa and Indonesia.

The State Food and Consumer Service plays an important role in the efficiency of Ukrainian export. Its role is to overcome technical barriers for trade and afford state guarantees for compliance with the requirements of partner countries.


Reference source: the State Food and Consumer Service


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