Ukraine and Jordan have agreed on a certificate for the export of poultry products for uninterrupted trade

The competent authorities of Ukraine and Jordan have agreed on the form of the certificate for meat, offal and other poultry products exported from Ukraine to Jordan. The certificate establishes a permanent zoning of the territory of Ukraine for the uninterrupted trade of poultry products, even in the event of outbreaks of avian influenza.

The approval of the certificate was a result of work done by diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and specialists of the State Food and Consumer Service together with the Jordanian side.

“We have solved one of the problems of Ukrainian poultry exporters by agreeing on a new certificate with Jordan. The new agreement brings concrete results: Ukrainian companies and Jordanian consumers can be confident in the uninterrupted supply of products from Ukraine,” - said Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

The document became the fifth export certificate that Ukraine and Jordan have recently agreed on. Earlier, the competent authorities of both countries agreed on forms of certificates for the export from Ukraine of chilled frozen beef, chilled sheep meat, cattle and sheep for slaughter.

“The Jordanian market is important for Ukrainian poultry exporters. Now they have new opportunities for it. This decision is good news for all our poultry farmers”,  - said Vladyslava Magaletska, head of the State Food and Consumer Service.

It should be mentioned that now Ukraine is among TOP-10 world exporters of poultry and has the status of a country free of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the State Food and Consumer Service are working together to open new markets for Ukrainian export, providing support to producers and removing technical barriers to trade, as well as providing state guarantees for compliance with partner countries.

The Council of Exporters and Investors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is a platform where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accumulates information on investment and trade opportunities from around the world, as well as facilitates business contacts between Ukrainian exporters and importers abroad.


Reference source: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


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