Ukraine and Azerbaijan on April 13 have changed trade rules

Cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan in veterinary medicine, phytosanitary and food safety are the main items discussed during the Ukrainian-Azerbaijanian consultations, the State Food and Consumer Service reports. Ukraine and Azerbaijan have already agreed on 7 forms of veterinary certificates, including certificates for export to Azerbaijan of  forage, raw materials of animal origin, meat, meat and dairy products, fish and fish products.

There are drafts of veterinary certificates for export to Azerbaijan of the products of animal origin (honey, bee products, eggs, forage flour from fish, marine mammals, crustaceans and invertebrates, etc.) that have now been considering by the Azerbaijanian side. The signing of the Agreement on Food Safety between the State Food and Consumer Service and the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan was also discussed during the consultations. The approval of this Agreement is now in its final stage.

The Agreement will help to make bilateral cooperation to a new level, let markets be more accessible to businesses and increase revenues to the State budget. Starting  from April 13, 2021, new rules of export and import between Ukraine and Azerbaijan will be used, when the Agreement on cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine, signed in 1993 within the CIS, will not be valid.


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