State Institution “Export Promotion Office” has created a sourcing platform

The State Institution “Export Promotion Office” has created a sourcing platform. Its purpose is to support and promote exports of products, works and services of the Ukrainian manufacturers, namely assistance in establishing business contacts of Ukrainian manufacturers and service providers with potential partners abroad.

A sourcing platform is an online catalogue of Ukrainian exporters which allows the foreign companies to easily find their business-partnerі among the registered Ukrainian companies and to establish the direct contact. The new Ukrainian exporters are added to the catalogue daily. This catalogue is the so-called “reliability filter” for the foreign importer because only the verified companies are added there. 

It is possible to register on the sourcing platform with the help of the personal account on the Export Promotion Office website. Just, choose the service “Sourcing” and fill in the required information about a company and your product in English. (

The service is available only for Ukrainian manufacturers-exporters, which meet the following criteria:

1. The enterprise belongs to the small, medium or large business entities, according to the part 3of the Article 55 of the Commercial code of Ukraine.

2. The company must have been functioning during at least 2 years.

3. There must be a person, responsible for the external economic activity, with good knowledge of English in the company.

4. The certification of the manufacturing process and/or the products/services must be available.

5. The website/detailed business card website in English must be also available. 

Follow the link to get acquainted with the requirements for registration request:

Here you can get acquainted with the structure of the sourcing platform and the information available:

In order to receive additional information or any assistance, the Ukrainian companies can contact Valentyna Liashenko and send a letter with the detailed description of the request to the e-mail address:


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