In Octobern Ukraine exported more than 2 million tons of grain and flour

In October 2022 Ukraine exported 6,9 million tons of agricultural products by all routes.

It is mentioned that the volumes of wheat and corn exports in October did not exceed September figures: 2 million tons of wheat were shipped, and 2,3 million tons of corn.

778 000 tons of rapeseed were exported in October, which is 100 000 tons more than in September. The export of sunflower oil in October amounted to 433 thousand tons (against 567 thousand tons in September). In October, 457,2 thousand tons of meal were exported (by 66 thousand tons more than in September).

Barley export in October amounted to 383 000 tons (14 000 tons less than the previous month). 290,4 thousand tons of sunflower seeds were exported (almost 90 thousand tons more).

In the overall structure of agricultural export in October, the share of corn was 33,6%, wheat - 28,71%, rapeseed - 11,28%, sunflower seeds - 4,21%, sunflower oil - 6,28%, meal - 6,63 %, barley – 5,56%, soybeans – 3,34% and soybean oil – 0,38%.

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