The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine informed about how the new Council of Exporters and Investors is going to function

Since May 21, 2020 the new Council of Exporters and Investors (CEI) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (hereinafter – the MFA) has started its functioning. Not only was the composition of the Council updated but also the rules of its functioning. So, the MFA prepared the answers to the most popular questions, concerning the CEI. The answers were given to the following questions:

What is the Council of Exporters and Investors (CEI) at the MFA?

It is an advisory board at the MFA of Ukraine, which helps Ukrainian companies to enter the external markets and to develop their export activity.

How to join the CEI?

In order to become a member of the CEI, it is required to fill in the application.

Who can become the member of the CEI?

The company, which want to become a member of the CEI, must meet such requirements:

• at least 51% of its shares must belong to Ukrainian citizens;

• it must be registered in Ukraine and be the subject of economic activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;

• it must have at least 5 (five) officially registered employees;

• it must have a website in English.

How many companies have already joined the CEI?

As of May 20, 120 companies have joined the new CEI.

Is there any deadline for submitting applications for entering the CEI?

The company can become the member of the CEI at any-time. It is required just to fill in the application form. There is no deadline for submitting applications for joining the CEI and the new applications are reviewed on a constant basis.

What are the main tasks of the CEI functioning?

• promotion of the Ukrainian exports on the external markets, strengthening the positions of the Ukrainian companies on the already existing markets, helping the companies to enter the new markets;

• protection of the rights of the Ukrainian exporters;

• inclusion of business proposals into the agenda of bilateral and multilateral negotiations in order to promote the economic interests of Ukraine;

• creation of the positive image of Ukraine and Ukrainian products abroad, assistance in strengthening the competitiveness of Ukrainian products manufacturer;

• broadening the Ukrainian companies knowledge concerning the export opportunities;

• establishing the liner business contacts;

• marketing of the investment projects in Ukraine.

Moreover, the CEI is the instrument for practical cooperation between Ukrainian exporters, foreign investors and Ukrainian diplomats.  Such cooperation will help to join efforts of the Government and the business.

What are the formats of the CEI functioning?

The CEI will function, taking into account the geographical and the commodity items principles. The CEI members will be divided into working groups, which will work on spheres of their mutual interest. The working groups meetings will be organized according to the schedule and the approved annual plan of the CEI functioning.

The working groups meetings will be organized every two weeks under the chairmanship of the Deputy Ministers and with the participation of the relevant MFA departments.

At least once in 2 month the Minister of Foreign Affairs can participate in the CEI meetings (if it is necessary).

How the CEI members will be informed about the export opportunities?

All the members will receive the up-to-date information concerning the export opportunities to their registered e-mails and with the help of the official announcements on the website and in social networks.


Reference source: UNN


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