Last year, Türkiye became the main supplier of fruit to Ukraine

In 2022, Ukraine imported 220 000 tons of fruit from Türkiye, which is the largest indicator among other countries supplying this product.

Türkiye remains the main supplier of fruits and nuts to Ukraine for at least the last 5 years. Last year, Türkiye’s share in the value of domestic fruit import amounted to about a third - 30,7%.

In general, in 2022, the volume of import of fruits and nuts to Ukraine amounted to 663 million US dollars. This is 21% less than the figure of 835 million US dollars in 2021. 

Ukrainian companies made significant purchases of fruits in Ecuador - 13,4%. Much smaller volumes of deliveries from Greece (6,3%), Colombia (5,0%), Spain (4,7%), Costa Rica (4,6%) and Egypt (4,3%). 

In total these seven countries accounted for 69% of the value of import of products of this group to Ukraine in 2022.

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