Hygienic requirements for quickly-frozen food products were approved

Hygienic requirements for quickly-frozen food products intended for human consumption were approved by the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture № 682 of 14.09.2022.

The adoption of Hygienic requirements is the next step in the fulfillment of Ukraine's international obligations stipulated by the EU Association Agreement, it creates common rules for the functioning of the quickly-frozen food market in Ukraine with the EU member states.

Hygienic requirements clearly regulate: 

  • general principles that quickly-frozen food products must meet;
  • the level of temperature that must be maintained at facilities that handle, store, store, transport and/or circulate quickly-frozen food products;
  • requirements for freezing equipment and a list of cryogenic media (liquids) that are allowed to be used for quick freezing process of food products;
  • peculiarities of labeling quickly-frozen food products;
  • temperature monitoring during transportation.

Hygienic requirements shall enter into force three years after the termination or cancellation of martial law, and food products that met the requirements of the legislation on safety and certain indicators of the quality of food products that were in force before this order was valid, but do not meet the requirements of this order, may to be in use before the end of the minimum expiration date or the maximum date of consumption (dates "use before"). 

Reference source: https://bit.ly/3eTKKp6



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