Since February 24 Ukraine has exported almost 10 million tons of grain and oil

Ukraine has exported almost ten million tonnes of agricultural products since February 24, including almost two million tonnes since the beginning of August. “Almost ten million tonnes of foodstuffs from eight agricultural crops were exported during the 5,5 months of Russia’s war against Ukraine. In the first two weeks of August, Ukraine already exported almost two million tonnes of grain crops, and three million tonnes in July,” the report said.

In the first half of August, Ukraine exported 776,000 tonnes of corn and 339,000 tonnes of wheat.

In general, the leader in total exports is corn, with 3.849 million tonnes exported over the past five months. Ukraine also exported 1.357 million tonnes of sunflower seeds, or 99.4% more compared to the same period of 2021. At the same time, during this time, Ukraine exported 48% less sunflower oil than last year – 935,700 tonnes.

As for wheat, during the 5 months of war 636,1 thousand tons of this product have been exported. The representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine said that this amount is only 16 % in comparison with the last year's volume (3,8 million tons). As for the barley - 239, 1 thousand tons have been shipped or 17% in comparison with the previous year’s volume. The export of soybeans during March - July increased: 372,6 thousand tons against 301 thousand tons last year.

In five months, 77,7 thousand tons of soybean oil were exported, more than 403 thousand tons of meal (only 22% of last year’s deliveries).

The general picture of exported food in percentages is as follows: 48.9% is corn, 17,25% - sunflower seeds, 11,89% - sunflower oil, 8,08% - wheat, 5,13% - meal, 4,73% - soybeans, 3,04% - barley, 0,99% - soybean oil.

3,5 million tons of agricultural products were exported through ports, 3,119 million tons by rail, 1,095 million tons by road, and 95,54 thousand tons by ferry.

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