Agri-products trade between the EU and Ukraine reaches record 7,5 billion USD

In January-September of 2019 trade turnover of agricultural products between Ukraine and the European Union increased by 23% in comparison with the same period of 2018. It has reached record 7,5 billion USD. At the same time the positive balance amounted to 3,2 billion USD.

The 7 main EU trade partners of Ukraine still are: the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

The collective share of these seven countries in the mutual trade turnover of agricultural products is about 4/5.

The main volume of supplies from Ukraine to Europe makes cereal and oil-producing crops as well as sunflower oil and oil meal.

According to the data provided in the middle of October, in 2019 Ukrainian exporters has completely used duty-free quotas for supplying the EU with honey (main and additional quotas), sugar, barley cereal and flour, processed starch, canned tomatoes, apple and grape juice, corn (main and additional quotas), wheat, poultry meat and butter.

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