The story of success of investors «UKRAVIT»

On June 7-8, 2018 the opening of a special Research Institute «Crop Care Institute» was held in Cherkasy. The founder of the «Crop Care Institute» is the domestic leader in the production of high-quality plant protection products and micronutrient fertilizers «UKRAVIT».

«Crop Care Institute» is a unique project that will enable farmers to build their business on the basis of a scientific approach and innovative technologies. It’s activity covers the main areas: fundamental and branch research, agro biological service and educational and scientific activities.

Fundamental and sectoral studies combine the best scientists with world-wide experience in studying the human's impact on plants, soil, microbiote and the environment and develop recommendations for minimizing the negative effects in agriculture in Ukraine. On the basis of the obtained data, new and improved existing preparations are being developed here and the pesticide formulations are improved.

The agrobiology service offers a wide range of services for the agrarian sector:

1. Phytosexperimentation of seed and plant material.

2. Express-analysis during the growing season of crops.

3. Determination of the chemical composition of pesticides and agrochemicals.

4. Agrochemical analysis of soil.

5. Detailed analysis of water.

6. Determination of residual concentrations of pesticides in products, soils, water, etc.

7. Determination of qualitative and quantitative indicators of agricultural products.

Based on the results of the analysis of specialists of the «Crop Care Institute» develops integrated crop protection and nutrition systems, monitors developed systems, assesses their effectiveness and profitability and adjusts them for the next year.

Such a wide spectrum of works allows to cover the own laboratory complex, equipped with the best world equipment of manufacture of Japan, Switzerland, the USA and Germany. The equipment is unique and precise - it determines the amount of substance at the level of nano- and picomolar concentrations. A high level of tools allows you to use a rich base of analytical methods developed in the world, and develop new methods for specialized needs by themselves.

All products and growing technologies of the «Crop Care Institute» are guaranteed to be effective and safe. Before use, they are tested in a unique democenter. It is a complex of underground greenhouses, phytotube rooms and modern climate cameras that allow you to recreate the climatic conditions of any country in the world. This, together with integrated technology with global chemical elements databases, allows the Institute to work not only for the needs of the Ukrainian agrarian sector, but also to provide analytical services to agrarians from all over the world.

Studies are not limited to one field of agro: the level of equipment allows you to work in many other areas - biochemistry, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, etc. Already today the Institute conducts international projects in the fields of pharmaceuticals and feed, is preparing for work in the cosmetology industry. It all starts with science. New Ukrainian science begins at the «Crop Care Institute».