Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian Defense Industry) introduces the "single window" mechanism for cross-border trade

Ukrainian Defense Industry is ready to implement the "single window" mechanismin export-import operations from April 4.

If practice of providing documents in paper form is cancelled and transition exclusively to the electronic documents format takes place, it will significantly simplify the bureaucratic procedures for special exportersthrough the single submission of the unitized information to regulatory bodies.

The "single window" mechanism will reduce the time necessary for export-import operations and improve the investment attractiveness of the national defense industry by the legislative regulation of cooperation between public authorities and participants of cross-border trade. It will also cancel a number of barriers to exporting of Ukrainian armaments and military equipment, reduce special exporters’ expenses and a number of documents necessary for customs clearance of goods and their passage through the customs border.

This decision will ensure the transparency of customs procedures at the state border checkpoints and at the places of customs clearance of goods and vehicles. As a result of this the field of corruption risks will be reduced due to the automatic registration of customs declarations and the principle of paperless cooperation between state authority and business entities.

Let us remind you that the introduction of the "single window" mechanism is prescribed by the Ukrainian Law “On Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine and some other laws of Ukraine regarding the introduction of the Single Window mechanism and optimization of the implementation of control procedures for the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine”. The Law was passed by VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine in October 2018.


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