Ukraine began preparations for participation in the World Expo 2020 Dubai

On November 26-27, a Ukrainian delegation headed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Oleksii Perevesentsev participates in the Third International Expo 2020 meeting in Dubai.

As was reported, in February 2017 the Government approved a decision on Ukraine's participation in the World Expo 2020 and the construction of its own national pavilion. The organizing committee of the exhibition provided for Ukraine a site with an area of 1,652.46 sq.m for the construction of a pavilion with an area of approximately 1,035.03 sq.m.

Within the framework of the working visit, Oleksii Perevesentsev met with Senior Vice President of the Expo 2020 Organizing Committee for International Affairs Omar Shehadeh. The Ukrainian delegation also visited the construction site of Expo 2020 and the site planned for the construction of the Ukrainian pavilion.

"This format of participation in the Expo is the first experience for the Ukrainian side. It is both a challenge for us and high responsibility", Oleksii Perevezentsev said. "Today the work is underway to develop a conceptual vision of Ukrainian exposition and to identify further concrete steps to prepare and ensure Ukraine's participation in Expo 2020.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade plans to establish a state-run enterprise Expo 2020, which will ensure overall coordination of Ukraine's representation at Expo 2020. According to the schedule of the Expo 2020 Organizing Committee, the construction of the pavilion facility at the site should begin in February 2019.

Moreover, Oleksii Perevezentsev outlined the main goals of Ukraine's participation in Expo 2020 and added: "We plan to present Ukrainian identity at 2020 Expo through the best innovative content. Ukrainian companies rank among the best worldwide outsourcing service providers and these services are in high demand on foreign markets. Our desire is to demonstrate the most advanced and high-tech Ukrainian designs, ideas and projects for improving the innovative and investment image of Ukraine."


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