Customs clearance in automatic mode: a pilot project has started

On May 19, the State Customs Service of Ukraine has started the pilot project, because there are many customs formalities when using the automated customs clearance system. According to the developers, the project is aimed at simplification of the customs clearance procedure and creation of the favourable conditions for the international economic activity entities.

Currently, the pilot project influences three customs regimes (exports, reprocessing on the customs territory, re-export (after reprocessing). Starting from now, the automatic declarations issuing will be implemented for these regimes in the testing mode. It allows automatic customs declarations issuing to the exclusion of the Customs authorities.

This means that the declarations which meet certain criteria and are evaluated as low-risk, will be sent by the system to the separate window. If any risk will be detected in the declaration or the Automated system of the risk analysis and management activates, its issuing continues, according to the ordinary procedure. If the system doesn’t detect mistakes and risks, the declaration will be issued automatically and the customs declarant will receive the notification.

For the pilot project implementation, the special algorithm of fulfilment of customs formalities has been developed. It depends on the transportation type, customs regime and the customs declaration type.

It is expected that the solutions, obtained during the project implementation period, will allow to broaden the automatic issuing application and to add other customs regimes to the system in the future.

It is important to mention that the procedure of the declarations submitting for the customs declarants hasn’t changed.


Reference source: VISNYK


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