Searching for partners and international procurement

A Bulgarian company with experience in the field of high-quality professional cosmetic products manufacturing would like to expand its product portfolio and is interested in cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of cosmetic products from different countries of the world. The company is interested in distribution/selling all types of cosmetics, including:

  • facial, skin and hair care products (creams, elixirs, body butters, scrubs and exfoliants, masks, sun creams, massage oils, lip balms, etc.);
  • makeup products.

The cosmetic products should be certified with ISO 22716. This Bulgarian SME is going to distribute this type of products as a retailer and that is why looking for offers with minimum order quantities.

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A designer from Sweden is looking for suppliers of fabrics and decorations for wedding dresses. The designer is in the process of starting a new company and is searching such types of fabrics: lace, tulle, silk, chiffon, crepe, charmeuse, organza, satin, Mikado, georgette and other glittery types of fabrics. The designer also needs such decorations: rhinestones, sequins, beads and others. The Swedish designer is interested only in organic and “green” textile materials for his/her collections and in stable cooperation. The materials must be delivered by truck, ship or train.

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A building and construction company from Monaco is interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of reinforced metal bars. The importer aims at a long-term cooperation with Ukrainian companies.

Product specification for manufacturing:

  • 6 mm - 5,000 meters
  • 8 mm - 10,000 meters
  • 12 mm - 15,000 meters
  • 16 mm - 10,000 meters
  • 25 mm - 10,000 meters

The interested companies can send their applications to an e-mail address of Valentyna Liashenko, the expert of the Export Consulting Department of the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine:

Your application must include such information in English:

  • name of the company;
  • website of the company;
  • name, surname, patronymic and contacts of the export manager (a person who will be responsible for further contacts with the client);
  • short description of the products manufactured by the company (countries of exports, if any, and all the available certificates).

The negotiations concerning potential partnership will be in English, so, please, mind it while selecting a contact person.

A Romanian company is looking for enterprises interested in cooperation. The company is a producer of fastener systems, anchoring straps, textile lifting sleeves, lifting chains and accessories. Their products are mostly used in transports and building industries.

The company engages its clients in the entire production process and provides the following additional services:

  • consulting - in order to choose the suitable products and the best alternative;
  • designing - the final version of the product;
  • manufacturing of the products.

Currently the company is interested in further expanding with the help of new long-term partnerships.

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You can also contact #EEN_Ukraine_Consortium:  tel.: (044) 525 98 41, e-mail:

A German company, which produces office furniture, is looking for a subcontracting enterprise for manufacturing wooden frames and for final assemblage of furniture. The German company will supply the subcontractor with the technical drawing in standard CAD file format. The production volumes will be discussed when the cooperation begins.

The company is looking for partners in three different fields:

  • chairs, sofas and armchairs upholstery;
  •  wooden frames in different designs;
  • metal frames (chrome + powder coated).

If you are interested in possible cooperation with the German company, please, send the information about your enterprise to our e-mail address:

A Croatian company, which specializes in traditional fruit alcoholic beverages and liqueurs production, is looking for manufacturers of packaging to cooperate under a supplier agreement.

The company expands and searches the manufacturer of packaging for alcoholic beverages, such as: ceramic bottles of 500 ml, 700 ml, and 1000 ml, glass bottles of 50 ml, but at the same time the company is ready to cooperate with the manufacturers of innovative packaging, which can be used for fruit alcoholic beverages and liqueurs.

The design of the products is primarily aimed at the customers of bars and nightclubs, who are interested in an extraordinary and fresh approach to the alcoholic beverages serving. Moreover, the company sells its products to other tourist attractive venues, stores and malls, which want to offer an innovative, appealing and interesting product or a souvenir to their customers.

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Since 1995, the company is engaged in installation and maintenance of car alarms, alarms for facilities, video surveillance, ventilation, fire alarm and air conditioning systems.

Currently the company is looking for suppliers and producers of such type of products:

  • car alarms;
  • alarms for production facilities;
  • video surveillance;
  • ventilation;
  • fire alarm systems;
  • air conditioning systems.

 The company is looking for international business partners, experienced in manufacturing and distribution of alarm and conditioning systems. The potential partners can be the manufacturers and/or wholesalers of these alarm and conditioning systems. All the equipment must be certified and meet the technical requirements. The cooperation will be based on distribution services agreement.

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An Australian trade agency of pumpkin seed products is looking for pumpkin seed suppliers in Eastern Europe.

The company supplies large European food store chains with its products with an export rate of 85%.The company sells different types of pumpkin seeds, using primarily the Cucurbita pepo var. Styriaca variety. The company’s innovative element is a patent in pumpkin seed drying technologies which brings the highest quality in ordinary or organic pumpkin seed products. Moreover, the pumpkin seed oil is produced at their own traditional oil-producing plants.  

The company is looking for Ukrainian suppliers of pumpkin seeds for its further processing under a supplier agreement. The requested partner should be able to supply at least 25 tons of pumpkin seeds per each delivery.

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A request for partnership from a Polish intermediary services company. The company is looking for manufacturers of automotive industry products and industrial electronics, interested in entering Polish market under distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.

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A Spanish company is looking for Ukrainian producers of organic cosmetic products. The company offers cooperation under a distribution services agreement.

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