A Slovenian company develops and manufactures products

A Slovenian company develops and manufactures products and toys for preserving and strengthening of cognitive abilities, sensory and motor skills. A main segment of their products are wooden (layer) puzzles and other wooden tabletop games and board games.

The company is looking for experienced producers for manufacturing of the above mentioned products. Their manufacturing process needs to allow production of items of different shapes and sizes. Mostly cardboard, wood, plywood and steamed beech will be used in production. Moreover, the items need to be colored according to specifications, where sizes and other characteristics of each detail will be defined in advance. Remember, the requirements might be adjusted if modifications of the product take place in the future. That is why, the equipment for diversified manufacturing is needed.

A future partner is also expected to pack all items of a specific product with instructions and other accessories into a set/box/package.

The preferred form of cooperation is a manufacturing agreement. It means that a partner will take care of the manufacturing process and the company will provide all  the necessary information.

For more details, please, follow the link: http://bit.ly/2smThs3