Searching for partners and international procurement

An Albanian pharmaceutical company is looking for producers and suppliers of drugs (medicine), supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

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A Romanian company, which specializes in selling food and non-food products, wishes to act as a commercial agent for producers of these products.

In order to extend its business, the company wants to be an agent partner for manufacturers, who supply products that meet all the requirements of the market, for example: quality meat and ham of high quality, dairy products, fruit and nuts, olives and olive oil. The company will also consider other types of products.

Small and medium-sized companies, manufacturers of particular types of food, who want to enter Romanian market, can guarantee high quality of their products and comply with EU food regulations/ certificates.

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German start-up seeks manufacturers of men’s shirts.

According to a manufacturing agreement the company is looking for European partner able to print the designs from pictures provided by the German company. The pa\rtner should also have an experience in textile printing. The tasks under the manufacturing agreement will also include sourcing of the materials. Potential partners would be manufacturers with a variety of available designs and a good cotton quality (Pina Cotton/Egyptian Cotton). The partner should be able to produce 10 000 shirts per month.

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Taiwanese importer is looking for suppliers of kinds products or exporters from Europe.

The product range:

  • Clothes for 0-1 year-old children.
  • non-GMO but organic food for 0-1 year-olds.
  • Toys for 0-1 year-old children.

The Taiwanese SME hopes to establish a long-term cooperation and that is why it is preferable if a partner speaks English or Chinese. Knowledge and experience in international trade are also necessary and important.

The company seeks cooperation under a distribution services agreement.

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Lithuanian producer of organic dog food is looking for producers of dried meat. Fruit and vegetables, which are ready to work under manufacturing agreement.

The product range: a snack made of beef and dried grass, an air-dried rabbit ears with fur,  snack, air-dried herring, a vegan banana snack, an air-dried vegan flax-seed snack, dog biotics (prebiotics + probiotics for dogs), a toy bone made of natural hornbeam.

The company wants to expand the range of its products and work under manufacturing agreement.

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Polish company is looking for manufacturers/suppliers of polyester fabrics for the production of internal blinds under supplier agreement.

Products should meet such requirements: material/composition: 100% polyester, weight: 175 g/m2 +/- 5%, fabric thickness:  0,32 mm +/- 5%, light fastness >5, formaldehyde: 0%, standard width: 200/255 cm. They should also comply with the European standards, have hygienic certificate and be fire resistant.

The company is interested in establishing partnership with regular orders for particular number of products and cooperating under supplier agreement.

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Montenegro company, which specializes in selling of art materials and equipment, is interested in potential cooperation with new EU partners specialized in the related field of activity in order to promote and sell foreign products in Montenegro, as distributor. The potential partner should manufacture/supply quality products and be reliable and fast-paced. The company offers its distributional services.

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A Dutch company specializing in fasteners, mainly in the steel construction market, is looking for manufacturers (without trading companies) of fasteners, such as bolts, threaded rods and nuts, for cooperation on the basis of a production and / or distribution agreement. Manufacturers must have quality and stable production capacity, as well as free machine capacity, as well as all necessary international certifications.

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A Turkish company specializing in the production of livestock and poultry feed is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of raw materials, namely feed wheat, corn, barley, wheat bran, rice bran, corn gluten, soybean flour, sunflower seeds, rapeseed.

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The Romanian manufacturer of unique clothing and textile accessories is looking for suppliers of high quality silk fabrics of various types: cuff, satin, brocade and veil. Potential partners should have a good understanding of the textile accessories market and the requirements for fabrics for hand dyed products. Interested partners should be able to provide the Romanian company with a catalog (print or online) detailing the products available.

Collaboration with identified partners will be based on production agreements.

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