Ukraine organized grain export routes through Romania and Poland

Ukraine has organized two grain export routes, through Romania and Poland, and is negotiating a third one with the Baltic countries. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Senik in a comment to Reuters, Ukrinform reports.

Senik recalled that global food security is at risk because russia's invasion of Ukraine has halted grain exports via the Black Sea, causing massive shortages and a sudden increase in prices. He informed that Ukraine is conducting negotiations with the Baltic countries on the creation of a third corridor for the export of food.

"These routes are not ideal because they create a "certain bottleneck." At the same time, we are doing everything possible to develop these routes," he told reporters on the sidelines of the Asian Security Summit in Singapore.

As reported, 7 million tons of wheat, 14 million tons of corn grain, 3 million tons of sunflower oil, and 3 million tons of sunflower oil-cake did not enter the world market due to the blockade of Ukrainian sea ports by the aggressor. This has already led to a sudden increase  in prices on the world market.

In May 2022, Ukraine shipped over 1 743 million tons of grain, oil and processed products for export by all types of transport, which is 180% of the April volume.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, wheat export increased from 9,2 thousand tons in April to 43,5 thousand tons in May 2022, but this is almost 20 times less than in May 2021 - 857,8 thousand tons. 


Reference source:  Ukrinform



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