Ukraine has expanded restrictions on the import of poultry and eggs from the United States

Ukraine has added another US state to the ban on the import of livestock products due to the registration of bird flu. This is reported by the Eastern Interregional State Administration of the State Production and Consumer Service with reference to the order of the Chief State Veterinary Inspector.

Thus, since March 14, the importation of hatched eggs, poultry and their products from the state of Massachusetts (USA) into Ukraine is prohibited.

The exception is products that have been processed by a method that guarantees the destruction of the causative agent of the specified disease.

The institution stressed that, according to the Orders of the Chief State Veterinary Inspector of Ukraine, the import of these products into Ukraine from such US states as Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Washington, California, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, and North Carolina is also prohibited. 

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