Ukraine has already exported more than 34,7 million tons of grain

According to the State Customs Service, in the current marketing year (July 2022 - March 15, 2023), Ukraine exported 34,734 million tons of grains and legumes.

In the current marketing year, Ukraine exported: 11,989 million tons of wheat, 2,141 million tons of barley, 16,6 thousand tons of rye and 20,29 million tons of corn.

From July 2021 to March 27, 2022, Ukraine exported 44,849 million tons of grains and legumes, including: 18,399 million tons of wheat, 5,641 million tons of barley, 161,9 thousand tons of rye, and 20,348 million tons of corn. In 15 days of March 2023, 2,437 million tons of grain and legumes were exported from Ukraine (for the 27 days of March 2022 - 1,334 million tons), including 651 thousand tons of wheat (last year - 307 thousand tons), 91 thousand tons of barley (5 thousand tons), 1 thousand tons of rye (for 27 days of March last year, Ukraine did not export rye) and 1,686 million tons of corn (1,017 million tons).

In 2022/2023 marketing year, Ukraine exported 106 600 tons of flour (91,200 tons in 2021/2022 marketing year),

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