Possibility of filling of customs declarations for transit through the territory of Romania in advance

According to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, in order to reduce queues at the Ukrainian-Romanian border in the context of increasing the flow of goods from Ukraine to the European Union, the Romanian side informed about the possibility of filling of customs declarations for transit through the territory of the country in advance.

According to the notification of the competent authorities of Romania, customs declarations for transit are filled in the NCTS-RO information system and may be submitted by the owner or his authorized representative on the basis of a signed representation agreement.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 171 of the Customs Code of the Union (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 952/2013 of October 9, 2013), customs declarations can be completed and submitted in advance of the date of presentation of the goods to customs, together with the data necessary for the analysis of security risks and integrity, so that in the future, at the time of presentation of the goods, the customs authority at the border will process the declarations according to the customs queue, thereby reducing the time for filling out the relevant documents.

Information (in English) for further transmission to Ukrainian carriers/economic operators that carry out their activities in transit through the territory of Romania:

the list of companies authorized as customs commissioners, which have the right to submit customs declarations to customs offices on the border with Ukraine;

the list of authorized economic operators that provide a guarantee or release from the guarantee in the framework of EU transit or general transit and those who are entitled to submit customs declarations for transit as owners of shipments at any Romanian or EU customs office.


Reference source: Diia.Business.Export



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