Last year corn, oil and wheat became leaders of Ukrainian exports

Taras Kachka, the Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture has shared the information about top-10 mostly exported in 2019 Ukrainian products. To these products mainly belong raw materials and semi-finished goods. According to the data provided by the Ministry, corn is on the 1st place. 32 million tons of this product were sold abroad and this cost 5,2 billion USD. The majority of corn was exported to the European Union, China and Egypt.

The 2nd place belongs to sunflower oil as it brought income of 3,78 billion USD. This product was mostly sold to India and the EU.

Wheat occupies the 3rd position in the top-10 list. 19,96 million tons of wheat were sold and it brought income of 3,65 billion USD.

The 4th place was occupied by iron ore pellets and the 5th  – by the iron concentrates.

Cables, rape, soybeans, and sunflower meal (sunflower cake) also joined the top-10 list.

All these 10 goods make 43,2 % of all Ukrainian exports.

By the way, according to the last year results, Ukraine exported goods worth 50,06 billion USD and imported goods worth 60,7 billion USD.

In 2018 three most popular export goods also were sunflower oil, corn and wheat.

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