From February 1, 2019, an obligatory electronic declaration system will be introduced in the Republic of Azerbaijan

According to Article 1.2 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic No. 1431-VQD dated 28.12.2018 "On Amending the Customs Code of the Azerbaijan Republic", from February 1, 2019, the system of compulsory electronic declaration is introduced in the AR.

In particular, the  Law amends Article 113.1 of the Customs Code of the Republic of Armenia, according to which, except for the cases when people transfer goods not intended for commercial purposes through the customs frontier of Azerbaijan, before the arrival of the goods into the customs territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan into the customs authorities of Azerbaijan, an import declaration must be submitted ( in electronic form).  Failure to submit  a declaration will cause the imposition of a fine on the owner of the goods in the amount of 1000 AZN($ 588) from individuals and 1500 AZN ($ 882) - legal entities.

A certified electronic signature of the declaration should be submitted on the website of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Armenia in the Azerbaijani language only by the address.

At the same time, in the course of the international transport operations regulated by the "Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets" of 1975, the relevant information is still submitted to the customs authorities of the Republic of Armenia through the TIR (EDP Electronic Pre -received Declaration).

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