Exports of Ukrainian berries has grown 5 times in the last 4 years

In the last 4 years exports of berries have grown 5 times: from 4,5 thousand tons to 23,5 thousand tons.

In 2018, 132,9 thousand tons of berries were grown in all types of farm properties and only 15,3 thousand tons from this amount were grown in agricultural enterprises.

“The biggest share in the amount of berries grown in 2018 belongs to strawberry (63,2 thousand tons), raspberry (35,6 thousand tons) and currant (29,6 thousand tons)”, - emphasized OlhaTrofimtseva, the acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The development of organic berries growing deserves a special attention as well.

In 2018,the gross collection of Ukrainian organic berries amounted to more than 3,3 thousand tons. The total area of ​​land under the production of organic berries in Ukraine was 737,82 hectares. Currently, we have more than 90 organic berries producers, approximately 20 exporters of organic wild berries and 8 exporters of cultivated berries.

State support of this production sector proved to be quite effectivelast year.In 2018the compensation of the planting materials cost was used by 167 business entities, which covered 3 690 hectares of land by fruit and berry crops, 902 hectares of which were covered by berry trees. This is 96 %of berry plantations of the last year.This year the state budget has 400 million UAH planned for the compensation of the business entities’ expenses for fruit and berries growing.


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