The European Union maintains the demand for Ukrainian honey

In recent years, honey has become one of those products that brings consistently high revenue to Ukrainian exporters. Although in quantitative terms, its sales volumes show fluctuations, thanks to the increase in prices from 2021, this does not affect the total revenue amount too much. In 2022, our country's honey sales on foreign markets decreased somewhat — 48,000 tons (-17%) worth 137 million US dollars (-5%), while the export price reached 2,853 US dollars/ton.

Last year, Ukrainian-produced honey was exported mainly to the EU countries, from where revenue in the amount of 120 million US dollars (88% of the total value) was received. The main buyers of Ukrainian honey in 2022 were Germany (38 million US dollars), Poland (24 million US dollars), France (11 million US dollars), the USA (10 million US dollars), Italy (7 million US dollars), Spain (6 million US dollars), Belgium (6 million US dollars).

This beekeeping product was also imported from Ukraine by Japan (1,7 million US dollars), Turkey, Israel, Qatar, UAE and Somalia.

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