The EU ambassadors approved the extension of the "visa-free trade" for Ukraine with amendments

On March 27, the permanent representatives of the EU approved the extension of the so-called autonomous trade measures (visa-free trade) for Ukraine for the next year with a single clarification regarding the conditions for the application of protective restrictions.

"The ambassadors have just adopted a new compromise text proposed by the Presidency. This compromise remains unchanged compared to the text adopted a week ago during the tripartite negotiations, with one amendment: the specified period of average trade volume between the EU and Ukraine for the activation of the protective mechanism will be extended to the second half of 2024. The European Commission will also slightly enhance the wording in its own declaration," - the Belgian Presidency of the EU informed.

As the agreed text differs from the one adopted together with the European Parliament last week, the Belgian Presidency of the EU will re-submit the agreed text for additional adoption by the European Parliament.

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