eCherha application has been functioning at all international checkpoints

Less than a week after the launch of the electronic queue, the service is working at all 16 international road checkpoints. In total, more than 12 000 trucks are waiting to cross the border in the online queue.

As of the morning of May 15, the biggest electronic queue was on the "Rava-Ruska - Khrebenne" highway - more than 2 800 trucks. More than 2 000 vehicles are waiting online to cross the border through the checkpoints "Krakivets - Korchova" and "Yahodyn - Dorohusk".

Since the beginning of the eCherga pilot project in December last year at the Yahodyn - Dorohusk crossing point, until May 15, 96 078 trucks crossed the border electronically, of which 88 000 were at Yahodyn. At the same period, more than 38 000 drivers were registered in the system.

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