The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has temporarily renewed preferential imports of generators

The government adopted a resolution that provides for the restoration of the possibility of businesses importing generators without paying VAT and import duty, provided that they are pre-paid or fully paid for by April 1, 2023. The corresponding decision is confirmed by Government Resolution No. 501 dated May 19.

This document restores the effect of the resolution, which provides for the import of generators and transformers by businesses without VAT and customs duty, until the end of the quarantine.

Therefore, starting from May 21, 2023, the specified goods will again be allowed to be imported without VAT and import duty to those business entities that, by April 1, 2023, have fully or partially made advance payment in accordance with the concluded contracts under which the goods are imported (subject to documentary confirmation from the bank that such business entity made the advance payment). The decree is valid until the end of the quarantine.

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