The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the bill about the ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel

On April 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraineapproved the draft law and instruction that aims to ratify the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and Israel. The applicable documents will soon be submitted to the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine.

The ratification of this Agreement in the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine will allow completing the internal procedures necessary for the Agreement to come into force. It will also contribute to further development of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Israel in the trade and economic spheres.

Let us remind you that the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel was signed on January 21, 2019. This Agreement is focused on the bilateral liberalization and elimination of barriers to trade between Ukraine and Israel.  Moreover, the Agreement creates additional opportunities for Ukrainian exporters to expand sales areas, cooperation, development and modernization of the Ukrainian production processes.


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