Agricultural turnover between Ukraine and the EU increased by almost 40%

Mutual trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the European Union in 2022 amounted to 16,5 billion US dollars.

This is the highest figure during the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, which exceeded the previous record indicator of 2021 (11,9 billion US dollars) by 39%. The surplus amounted to 9,7 billion US dollars.

The main European partners for Ukraine last year were Poland, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Hungary. These countries make up 77% of the total domestic trade turnover of agricultural food with the EU.

Last year, Ukraine imported agricultural products from EU member states worth about 3,38 billion US dollars. This is almost 17% less than in 2021.

In 2022, Ukraine spent the most on the purchase of beverages from the EU, mainly alcoholic beverages — 308 million US dollars.

Remains and wastes, animal feed products were purchased for 291 million US dollars.

Various food products, extracts and concentrates were imported for 290 million US dollars.

A significant share (6%) in domestic import from the EU in 2022 was once again given to dairy products. Various cheeses, which were purchased last year for 180 million US dollars, turned out to be the defining product in the import of this group.

The supply of tobacco and tobacco products from Europe reduced by 43% compared to 2021 — to 217 million US dollars.

The volume of deliveries to the Ukrainian market of finished grain products amounted to 207 million US dollars.

Last year the volume of import of meat together with offal amounted to 207 million US dollars.

In 2022, for the first time in the structure of domestic import of agricultural products, significant volumes fell on vegetables. This type of agricultural products was purchased abroad for the amount of 183 million US dollars.

In general, these groups of products took about 57% of the value of food import from the European Union.

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