Industry description

Cherkasy region ranks first in the production of meat per person (254.9 kg). It also ranks the second place in meat production (282.2 thousand tons) and the cultivation of nuts (9.8 thousand tons) and the third place in the number of poultry (24.4 million heads).

There are typical specialized crop-industrial complexes in the region such as the beet-sugar complexes, fruit and vegetable canning complexes, fat-and-oil complexes, meat- and dairy complexes.

The basis of the grain industrial complex is grain industry. The main grain crops are winter wheat, corn, barley, legumes, buckwheat, and millet.

Industrial crops include sugar beet, sunflower, essential oil crops; among fodder crops there are corn for silage, fodder beet, perennial grasses (alfalfa).

Traditional industries of Cherkassy region include gardening (apple, pear, plum, apricots and cherries) and vegetable growing. Among the livestock sectors there are meat and milk cattle breeding, pig farming, sheep and poultry breeding. Farms also specialize in rabbit breeding, sericulture, beekeeping and fish farming.