Ukraine has become the main supplier of honey to Europe

In 2020 Ukraine increased honey export by 16% to the European Union and became the main supplier of honey to European countries, having exported more than 40 million kg. This was reported by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture in response to an information request from UNN.

,,Ukraine has increased honey export to the European Union by 16%, becoming the supplier № 1 to European countries. The volume of supplies of Ukrainian honey to the EU in January-August 2020 increased by 16% (compared with the same period in 2019), and from China - decreased by 19%. As a result, Ukraine has become a supplier of honey № 1 to the European Union,” - said the request.

It is noted that according to preliminary data from the European Working Group on Honey Copa-Cogeca, in 2020 in the EU countries honey yield decreased by 40% due to unfavorable weather conditions.

It is said that during the period from January to September, Ukraine has exported about 49 million kg of honey for a sum of more than 80,5 million dollars. The largest amount of honey was exported to the European Union - 40,3 million kg, in the second place the United States - 4,9 million, in the third place - Turkey - 2,2 million kg.

It should be mentioned that Ukraine has reduced export of goods by 5,6% and import by 14,3% within the last three quarters.

It should also be mentioned that in 2018 Ukraine ranked fifth place in the world in terms of honey production.


Reference source: UNN


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