ARMENIA EXPO 2019 англ

On September 12-14, 2019 the 19th universal trade-industrial expo-forum “Armenia EXPO 2019” will be held in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia.

Organizers: Union of Manufacturers & Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia, LOGOS EXPO Center.

Official support: the Government of the Republic of Armenia

Venue: Yerevan, 3 A. Akopiana St., the Exhibition Complex “Yerevan EXPO”, the Republic of Armenia

Within the framework of the expo-forum" ARMENIA EXPO 2019" such expositions are planned:

  • Inter Food EXPO
  • Building EXPO
  • Industrial Armenia EXPO
  • Comp EXPO
  • Trans EXPO
  • Polygraphy, publishing, advertising EXPO
  • Furniture EXPO
  • Finance, Loans, Insurance and Audit EXPO
  • Leisure and Entertainment EXPO

Goals of the expo-forum:

  • Presentation of products and services
  • Advertisement and company’s prestige promotion
  • Establishing new business links
  • Search of new markets

The participants of the forum are more than 150 companies that have the leading positions on the market.

More than 40% of the participants are foreign participants.

This expo-forum "ARMENIA EXPO 2019" has firmly confirmed the position of the largest, authoritative, the most anticipated significant exhibition event of the business life of Armenia long time ago.

It is the thematic structure of the trade-industrial expo-forum “Armenia EXPO 2019” that makes this event unique. "ARMENIA EXPO 2019" promotes successful marketing and gives an opportunity to get complete necessary information about the existing firms, organizations, brands, which are popular not only in Armenia as well as to find a business partner by covering almost all industrial branches and uniting separate expositions into the largest industrial exhibition of Armenia.

The first time when the Prime-Minister of Armenia was present at the opening of "ARMENIA EXPO" was in 2002. The high status of the exhibition is also proved by the fact that it has been regularly visited by the President of the Republic of Armenia since 2011.

If you have any other questions, please, contact LOGOS EXPO CENTER: 

Address: Yerevan, 16 Kievian St., the Republic of Armenia

phone numbers: + 374 91 84 4224, + 7 958 402 13 20, + 374 10 23 5775, 22 9813, + 374 10 22 9814, 22 9816

fax: + 374 10 22 9815

e-mail:,  вебсайт:

Event date: 
12 Sep 2019 to 14 Sep 2019